Hurricane Info

Hurricane Tips & Claims Information

With the threat of a hurricane or tropical storm facing our area, we would like to communicate some information as an added service to our valued customers. This sheet will provide you with tips and information for reaching your companies, or our agency, if you sustain a loss. Although we are hoping for the best, we always prepare for the worst.

1) After a loss we ask that you take all reasonable care to secure your premise or business from further loss. We (and the insurance companies) recognize that there may be very little you can do depending on the severity of the loss. In addition, NEVER put yourself in danger of harm or injury for the sake of making this attempt.

2) Should you suffer a loss, your first attempt should be to contact the companies direct for specific directions on what to do, and how you should proceed. This will speed up your claim process and get you on the road to recovery more quickly. Provided here is a list of company claim numbers for some of our major property carriers.*

Bankers Insurance Company 800-765-9700 Select Option 2
Citizens Property Insurance 866-411-2742
FCCI Insurance Company 800-226-3224 Select Option 1
Fidelity National Flood (NFI) 800-820-3242 Select Option 4
Hanover Insurance Company 800-628-0250 Select Option 2
Hartford Insurance Company 800-327-3636 Select Option 1
Hartford Flood Claims 800-759-8656
      * If your company is not specifically listed, please refer to your policy as, most times, it is provided there.
    3) Our agency plan is to TRY and be open the day after the storm to assist clients that CANNOT reach the companies via the 800 numbers provided above (or listed on their policies).  Please note, that circumstances may prevent us from being accessible.  Things such power loss, no phone service, adverse conditions, road closings, flooding, civil authority, etc… may prevent us from reaching our office, or our office itself may be damaged.  That is why we recommend trying to contact the companies first, before trying to reach us at our numbers listed above.
    4) In a worst-case scenario, if you cannot contact your company directly, or our agency via our business phone numbers, we are providing the following numbers.  If all else fails and you cannot reach your companies or our agency, you may try the following numbers:
Paul Atkinson (239) 470-9642
Andrew Atkinson (239) 994-2712

Please take care of your families and your safety, and know that Atkinson and Associates, and our companies are there for you should you sustain a loss.

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